NEO FOR NAMIBIA - Helping Babies Survive is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland that focuses on the implementation of simple medical interventions that are known to improve survival rates of newborn infants.

While high income countries have reached unprecedented levels of care for sick term and preterm newborn infants, progress in most low income countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, has been slow. In fact, the quality of neonatal care is comparable to the situation in high income countries more than 50 years ago.

The founders of NEO FOR NAMIBIA are convinced that simple and robust equipment is urgently needed in low income countries. Training of local physicians and nurses will be key to sustainable improvements. The efforts currently focus on the Rundu State Hospital in the Kavango region in the north of Namibia. If successful, other hospitals in Namibia could benefit from those interventions.


Current mission

With the following pictures we would like to give you an insight into our current mission, which began on January 29 and will last until February 22, 2019.

After three days at the Onandjokwe State Hospital (4 lectures, practical resuscitation training), we drove 450 km to the east to return to Rundu. It felt like coming home.

Implemented changes are not only sustained but have even been expanded (e.g. occasional use of surfactant, a drug instilled into the trachea to help stabilize the lungs of preterm infants). We are delighted to see the success of our efforts.


The story of Nicoteh

The story of this 1150 g baby exemplifies what has become possible (see also a picture of her visit in the gallery above).


New mission report

Our sixth mission lasted from August 28 to September 27, 2018, and was used to continue our training efforts and to assess the impact of our interventions at Rundu State Hospital. In addition, we were able to visit Onandjokwe State Hospital, 450 km west of Rundu.

Mission Report 2018-2

Mission Report 2018-2 (short version)